Алексей Белов

Лидер легендарной рок-группы "Gorky Park"



Arm me with a mirror
Throw me in a dungeon
Going for medusa
Feeling like a champion

Shake in my heart
With every step I near you
Over the ones
That never knew the end was you

Saw you in a picture
Looking like a goddess
Now I know the reason
You're hiding in the darkness

Closing your eyes
You never saw it coming
Now you're awake
And no one likes you knowing
Stare... Stare...

Stare them away, you always stare them away
Say - we can do it together
Stare them away, you always stare them away
Say - we can do it together

See you in the mirror
Slither in a leather
Suddenly I fear you
Sword is like a feather

Closing my eyes
I hear your voice beside me
(I) swallow the lies
And maybe I can make it
Stare... Stare...

There demise
In your eyes
Feel the lies
Stare them away


I'm on a side'o' canyon road
An' people drive and stare
I'm eating dust inside my throat
Away from the face I wouldn't wear

The ground spins inside my head
And I can't drive anymore
Just bring my body down
And dream of what there was before

Promises, my promises
They take me all the way to extreme
My California promises
They locked me up inside of a dream

I see the shadows on a strip
They come and stay for good
Sleepwalking grace with broken bones
They've come to conquer Hollywood

They fly at night to the candle light
They burn their wings and feel no pain
The part that once you got
You must go on and keep on playing

Stare, staring in the sky
Trying to catch a sight of angels flying
See the sky with angels flying
Stare, staring in the sky
I just see the eyes that are never crying


Taken for the road, man I say
Turn into my offramp, I say
This is how we wind them, I say
Feel the heat burn inside them, I say

I can move the gears in your mind
I can rev you up, you will shine

Will you run for me
Go to 1, 2, 3
We go higher now
Let me show you how
Speeding in, speeding up, speeding in, speeding up
Step into my five wheel drive

Life is really blurring, I say
Now the pain isn't hurting, I say

See the mirror eating your past
See the fear, it dies in a blast


Ego ego ego ego ego

So deep a web you weave
I don't see it stuck in me
Ego ego ego ego ego

My blood is full of fate
And in your play my line is late
I never know when you're winking your eye
If the truth is here when it's time that lies
And dies

Step into my size
Suffer through my highs
Sit down when I rise
Live in my disguise

Your ground, it hangs in space
And when you move I'm so displaced
Hard to change when my water's ice
And I see the cracks in reality
It bites


Hey, somebody next door, do you remember my name
Are you out to celebrate Indifference Day
Do you know that I live in a cage without a key
It feels like that anyway
And I don't wanna stay there, no I don't

Counting the odds against tomorrow
Living on a time we have to borrow
The expectations getting higher and higher
But I don't wanna wait no more and I don't wanna stay here

Stop the world, I want to get off
And find myself a better ride
Stop the world, I want to get off
Paid in full and now good-bye
Stop the world, I want to get off
And find myself a better ride
Stop the world, I want to get off
Any place we're passing by

Walking down the path in the garden of stone
We walk together and feel alone
Listen to the silence of the heart and make day by day
I don't wanna stay here, I don't wanna wait no more

Somebody call my name, somebody call my name
Somebody call my name




I can't see you
My visions gone but I can fly
One step ahead and leave it all behind

One step ahead from where I am
A little clam in a little shell inside
From common sense of human cold
From breeding mold and feeding lunacy

Where high is high on digging gold
I run away from being sold to me

My mind glued to the ceiling
Searching sense on an empty floor

My body glued to the feeling
Holding on behind the door

Don't make me stay
Raise your sails in the wind and pray

I can't see you
The light is out but I can feel
I feel the snow that someone wrote my name on

I feel the trenches on my skin
The raven song I hear is still the same one
My mind glued to the ceiling
Searching sense on an empty floor

My body glued to the feeling
Holding on behind the door

My tongue glued to the palate
Hopes the wisdom is on the way

My will mixed in a salad
Soaking in day after day


Falling, I'm falling again
Losing control like a plane
In a state of my pain
I just need little light to retain

Dreaming, I'm dreaming again
Tripping alone in the rain
And a memory spin
Burning the words on my skin

I live for love
I live for love
I live for love
I don't have any time for hating

If you will push me aside
Cutting in pieces my pride
I will freeze it inside
Like a crow on a snow
But I know

Sightless walking the road through the sharp sudden spears
Sightless walking to something is stronger than fear


Hold me if you can
Hold me like a child
Cure me with your touch
Don't push me back into exile

Gambling with the fate
Sucked my soul dry
Sow me like a seed
And I will grow into the sky

Tell me if you can
If there is a way
Cut the ties to all the weight
Of things I used to say

Number on a scales
Counting me in
When I'm rolling down
Into the throat of a slot machine

Playing once again
I'm scared
Betting once again
I'm scared

Help me if you can
Roll the dice for me
Following across the desert
Like a tumbleweed

Faces move around me
Craving for a spin
Round after round
I know this game is not to win


One of these days, I'm gonna fade like a dream
Chasing your ghost, patting my head like a scream
Locking me up - taking me out - turning a friend into dust
Why give me bread, when all you touch ends up dead...

When did I choose? How did I lose? Set me free!
Give me a break, my only mistake was to be
Without a tag, stuffed in a bag, stolen away from my nature
If I'm the best, how do you treat all the rest?

Shelter me! Shelter me! Shelter me!
Shelter me! Shelter me! Shelter me!
Like a dog! Like a dog! Like a dog!

Maybe you see, some other uses for me
Lab in a lab, I'd rather bark up a tree
Don't wanna stay, why should I play?
Don't wanna wait by the door
Give me the ball
And I just roll over and die...


Take me back to see the ocean
Bearing sound'o' waves devotion
Wash away the words corrosion
That we left behind

Clean me up with wind and water
I'm your son and you're my daughter
I won't let this moment slaughter
In my burning mind

And when I'm lost inside the walls
I'd live this moment more and more
So blind, I can't help it

Lost inside the walls
I need this moment more and more
So blind I can't help it

Searching ways for understanding
I would lose my boat stranded
Now I know I was defending
Castle on a sand

Take me back to see the ocean
City's draining my emotions
Let me have a healing potion
Slipping off your hands