Алексей Белов

Лидер легендарной рок-группы "Gorky Park"



I know once she holds life
Never gets away
I know it's scared of the ride
Cause she goes all the way
All the way she's got it down

I don't wanna feel like I'm allowed
Wet in Jenny's rain all in vain
I don't wanna feel like I'm alone
Riding on her train
And all the way she's got it down

When I follow Jenny
Jenny loses me
I'm forever keeping up

I don't wanna feel like I'm a dove
Staring at her plain all insane
I don't wanna feel like I'm a ball
Pulling on a chain
Every day she's got it down


There is a ghost machine
Attached inside your skin
You haven't got remote

And when it turns the wheel
You feel the grind of steel
And spinning bumpy road

And it's riding inside'o' your veins

I hear the monkey yell
I feel a jungle spell
Come from within your body

A flower so divine
Inside of a human spine
Its pistil gets so naughty

Venus' flytrap is your petty doll
And it's blooming inside 'o' your soul


Your talk is smooth and strong
Never cut it wrong
You're dancing very clever

And in the Court Of Law
With candy and a claw
You'll change my mind forever

And you're letting the oil to flaw
And you want me to walk on the floor


Feels like the winter came
To where it has never been
I only couldn't see a snow

When I would close my eyes
Freezing my agony
And all is left from days ago

Your shadow in an empty room
It's moving beautiful and slow
Just touch and go

I'm reaching out to illusion
And hear your whispering footsteps
I'll follow them to get me close to where you are

I was so reaching in
I was so trying to
Get yourself into your dreams

I was so desperate
Dying so amateur
In a silent madness quiet gleam
Playing over every scene

I was scared to have it all
And I was scared to lose it all
Over control


Slaved, another soul derail
Saved, a rain off freedom hail

All the time, undecided, we call them and we see them
All the way, deep in gray, we raise them and we feed'em

Why should we wait for all we can say
Don't let it get away

Rise, a fall of empty eyes
Rave, the beat of all in vain

Can you play? Jars of clay, a wanted secret spilling
On my wild solemn ride, never saw the ceiling

I ride you, oh so high my wave...
I give you one more try... for love
I ride you, oh so high my wave, wave, wave...

Gone away, golden sky, what I see I know

I could do it right, water and light, milk from a stone...
I sense... I...


Hey, little Asian girl
Tell me baby, what's going on
Is there something in your world
Or the place where you were born

I saw you looking down
Walking streets in your home town
Hiding face from man around
Shaking up from every sound

Deep down in your smile
To see your sadness takes a while
Is there a way to move a night
And find a tiny light
Deep down in your smile

Hey, little Asian girl
Tell me baby, what's going on
From the cradle in your home
You've learned a silence of a stone

Don't move your eyes away
Making it through another day
With ailing past
Burying senses in the dust


Honey-combing, I'm sticking out
Closing in on the Queen
Drones are running, they're freakin' no
Get off, you're ready to win

The sun told me the way to you
Don't rely on the dance
Simon's coming "so say it loud"
I'm all ready to France

WANNABEE the lucky one, live a bloomin' day
WANNABEE the lucky one, die a bloomin' way

Back up, ready, I'm pushing out
Nectar soakin' my wing
Suck a dozen roses, I'm buzzin' now
Look out here comes the king

Cling to me, I'm the only tree
I'm the only wind that blows...
Cling to me, I'm the only seed
I'm the only one that knows...


Setting it down, stepping away
I feel the love draining out of me
With each word you say
No more in doubt, I see the cloud
I wanna hunger for life again
You're not the way, you're not the way

Throwing it out, nothing to save
I feel the luck of confusion
Gives it away

Some other time, some other day
I know it's all in my mind now
So hear what I say, so hear what I say

Burn away
I'll never feel it, won't see it, won't hear it
You can count all the sand
I'll never fall by your hand
So strike me down

Burn away
I'll never feel it, won't see it, won't hear it
You can darken the sky
But you won't rain in my eye
So strike me down

Turning it off, no other way
To see myself in the future
This is the play

Haunting it seems, seeing your dreams
They disappear like the fog you cast
Over my head, over my head

I can't let go
How did you know
I'll wear your wings
And fly into the sky

I can't let go
So small below
I'll hold your hand
And fly into the sky


I saw it, I called it
I willed it, I know it
A blue and gray
I warn it

I touch it, it blinds in
It hums and I'm on it
I break away
I'm going

Uforia weightless and flowing
Tearing the sky, beaming oh yeah
Breathless and glowing
I lived to see the day

I hear a plane
We're zooming in
I see a hole, we're going in
Another space, I'm moving in

9.Liquid Dream



I keep hearing in my head
The words I can't explain
I keep feeling in my guts
The things I can't restrain
I got visits in my dreams
From the folks I've never seen
Spiral tobogganing down
Just spell me out my sin
I'm falling down, I'm falling down

Back down to the ground
Lay (hold) my body
Back down to the ground
You can find me
I'll try one more round
I can make it
Back down to the ground

When I'm walking down the block
It's like a picture by Dali
Someone painted all of this
Is just like someone painted me
Someone drawing all my life
And all the colors fading grey
I keep hearing in my brain
Commands I can't obey
I'm falling down

(Dedicated to Andrei Grigoriev)

My friend
I haven't seen you for so long
The world around us gone insane

Don't call around your psychic lines
For just to know I'm so alone
They won't tell you anyway

Let's just sit around and talk
And maybe drink a little wine together
I know you're tired from the endless walk
But believe me I feel the same

And when it feels like time
Is getting off our side forever
I always close my eyes
And like a prayer call your name

Sitting by the fireplace
We'll take a road to yesterday
It's laying far inside our mind

Away from all the psycho-hands
Away from all this seizure days
We'll find the place we wanna stay
It might be hard but we can try

And we'll sit around and talk...


Fainting in a coil, I numbly wait
Voices in a spiraling decay
Turn the ashes back into bone
Another ghost in vain I seek to atone

Living in a void, the taller grass
Soaring to renew until the last
Bending in a way, not to break
Even standing in a fountain of ache

Still, fooling with the gait
Still, pulling on the bait
Still, wanna get it straight
Still, moving to be still

Fainting in a coil, I numbly wait
Voices in a spiraling decay
Bending in a way not to break
Even standing in a fountain of ache

Moving to be still