Алексей Белов

Лидер легендарной рок-группы "Gorky Park"

1. Moscow Calling

Getting on a phone with a busy line
Talking on a phone and losing my mind
Never never never never realize
It feels so far, like a millions miles
Give me give me give me give me little hand
Just listen to your heart, don't consider it
I'm looking out at the city night
I see your eyes in city lights

Moscow calling Operator don't tease me
Moscow calling Operator what's going on
Moscow calling All the circuits are busy
Moscow calling I'm going on ain't giving it up

Party party party party somewhere, going crazy
Night is calling me out, but I grip the phone
I'm having no choice
No coffee, no beer, no cigarettes, & line's still busy
Operator on the other end I need your voice
I need to hear your voice
I'm phono phono phono phonomaniac

When I hear your voice I wanna kiss the phone
I wanna get paid for the weeks I stayed alone
I have no one else to call, for you I wanna save it all
But it doesn't get through
I'm going on and on
I feel I'm gonna break this telephone

2. All Roads

I couldn't see you were good for me
When I was with you there
I was going places I had to make it
Out there somewhere
All the temptations and expectations
They shine so bright
I didn't know what matters most
I guess I just lost sight
The higher I climb
The longer that I'm away from you
the more I know that having you close
Is what gets me through
It took me so long I finely caught on
That it's not enough
All of my dreams don't mean a thing
Without your precious love
Every night when I lie in my bed
trying to make some sense

I just think what I give
to have you in my arms again

I tried to run I couldn't see you where the one
But all roads you know all roads lead back to you
You're in my blood I've got to have your love
Cause all roads you know all roads lead back to you
Cigarette and TV set they don't keep me warm
Now I see what I really need's what we had before
My restless sole took control like a hurricane
And I'll never let you go if I ever get you back again

I just wanna find my way home
I'd give everything that I own
Now I see that I was so wrong
Just to let you get away

3. Politics of Love

Call me a dreamer
My dream is sharp like a knife
I wanna look to the future
I wanna see you alive

Live in a TV
They say you've nothing to lose
They're never short for a promise
They're never short an excuse
You just
Look to the right
You got it
Look to the left
You got it
Look to the sky
You got it
da da da da da da da da da
We need the politics of SUN
To shatter ice
We need the politics of RAIN
To stop the drought
We need the politics of WIND
To scatter clouds
We need the politics of LOVE
To work it out

The politics alone are not enough

Call me a dreamer
We only do what we can
I do believe we can change it
I wanna dream to the end

They say there's not enough love to go around
And not enough time to find it
Even if there would be enough love
They lie


Wake up in a cold sweat
Nightmares buzzing at my brain
No one beside me
Got to be a better way
Slip into the dark of night
Looking for the morning light

Walking down the cold streets
Bad wind whipping in my face
Deep down inside me
I hear voice call out my name
See the first hint of the light
Getting closer all the time

I feel it I feel it

Come to me tomorrow
Silent city morning
Flying to tomorrow
No more yesterday
I'm alive tomorrow
Silent city morning
I can see tomorrow
Burning in my eyes

Pull the callous off my heart
Rip the blinders off my mind
Swim to the surface
Leave it all leave it all behind
Step across the borderline
Light is flooding in my eyes

I see it I see it

I got no one to blame
A doctor can't relieve this pain
I gotta make my tracks
Without looking back
Let the nightmares Fade away


Stranger next to me, have I seen your face
Stranger tell me please, have I seen this place
Oh stranger you're so close I can hold your hand
I'm a stranger oh just like you don't you understand
Oh stranger

Silence stopped the time I can hear your heart
Glimmer of your eyes reach me from the dark
I'm dreaming or may be not clothing's falling down
All matters we're giving up
Cause nothing matters now
Oh stranger

Between the walls and face to face. Oh stranger
We won't have another chance. Oh stranger
There won't be another night
Oh stranger With me tonight
You're stranger With me all night
My stranger

Flowers on the floor, all around your hair
Morning at the door, I don't think you care
You whisper in my ear, shiver in my arms
Don't let it stop, don't go away
Screaming in your eyes
Oh stranger

6. Volga Boatman


7. Strike

Got no excuse NET You shake it up DA
Can't step aside NET When hit is up DA
No one's away NET It just began DA
Ain't gonna wait NET Move it come on DA

Can't loose your hit NET You loose your mind DA
Can't feel your feet NET Your body grinds DA
Got no control NET Your body choose DA
But don't blow it up NET You've got the fuse DA

Come on come on don't stop it now baby baby
Come on come on you strike so hard baby yeah


Can't get away NET Stuck to the beat DA
Can't get it stopped NET Slave to the rhythm DA
Can't get enough NET Hungry to move DA
You strike to my heart NET
When you've got a groove DA

'da' is Russian for 'yes', 'net' is Russian for 'no'.

8. Welcome to the Gorky Park

Yuppie's guppies safe and sound
Ribbons in their hair
Only problem what they found
Choosing what to wear
Moaning groaning run around
makes it all okay
Not so easy

Trudging through the frozen tundra
Nothing new to us
Digging out from ten feet under
Never cause a fuss
Lately we can't help but wonder
Everything's a pain
Life so easy
Shoes hit piece of meat

We'll show ya
Heads up
We know ya can't take too much

Welcome to the Gorky Park
Everybody's coming to it
Don't be frightened of the dark
Everybody's gonna do it
Welcome to the Gorky Park
Everybody's gonna be there
Leave your problems bring you heart
Leaping freaking scream and shout
Order of the hour
Anything to let it out
Plug in to the power
Never swallowed by the crowd
Opened night and day

Just that easy
Wham bam thank you ma'am

9.Two Candles

Loneliness is my only guest
Who visits alone at night
When it comes I light two candles
Just the way it was
And pretend the flames become your eyes

Emptiness is a friend I guess
The shadow played upon the wall
If I let the candles take me
I can see your face
And remember hearing someone call your name

My candles are crying
candles are crying
They're crying for you
They're waiting for you
I'm waiting for you

Is it you knocking at my door
Or may be just a ghostly wind
How I wish that you were here
Sitting by my side
And you'll bring me back to life again tonight

10. I'm Going Down

Did you ever get a feeling you just can't deny
It happened yesterday when I saw her walk by
She had that kind of rhythm that drives me insane
I said hey, hello, how are you do you wanna play

She gave me look and my eyes opened wide
I knew she was telling me to come up inside
My hands start sweating & my knees start to shake
I'm telling no lies it was time to get paid

I gotta gotta gotta gotta tell you
I wanna wanna wanna wanna want you
I'm gonna gonna gonna gonna get you
Let's go
I'm going down down down down
I'm going down down down down
I'm going down down down down
I don't know when I'm coming up
Can't hesitate to get it straight no time to waste.

She came around set down right next to me
Whispered in my ear said something so sweet
I thought to myself I got nothing to lose
So I took the opportunity and made my best move

The way she was kissing I had to get more
But I was Woken from this dream
By a scream at the door
It was her boy friend Ma Ma what a face
So I went out the back way to make my escape

11. City of Pain

When the sun goes down on the city street
And the shadows move through the night
Daddy's little angel begins her dance
To the beat of the flashing lights

Down the murder mile with a seductive smile
She plays a desperate game
With a sweet caress another trick is blessed
On the corner of the 3rd and Main
In the city of pain

Through the toxic fog down the dirty streets
I follow her steps like a cat
Past the drugged out scenes
The transvestite queens
Past the order side of the tracks

She's a hard sell as she casts her spell
She's the wicked witch of the west
The touch of her skin the smell of her sin
My fantasies burn through my flesh
In the city of pain
In the city of pain

You giving away your body
Burning away your body
Deep in the heart of night

Maybe you need somebody
Maybe you need somebody
Deep in the heart of night

Bad to the bone you gotta
Make at alone you gotta
Right to be wrong to be right
In the city of pain
In the city of pain

She burns hot for now but she knows somehow
It's only a matter of time
She's gotta make her play until the day
When she lays all on a line

Through the broken glass of atonement window
Through the eyes of a little girl
You can see you can see her hopeless dreams
Light up a hopeless world - In the city of pain
In the city of pain

12. Don't Pull the Trigger

Are too apathetic to see
That is crumbling at your feet
Holding on by the skin of it's teeth
Eroding, exploding

In the world with the burning fuse
What we don't need is more abuse
We're approaching the moment of truth
Don't doubt it, be counted

Try to look around your fences
Can you dry your drowning senses
Do you see the future
Is there any room for
Sticking your head in the sand

Don't pull the trigger
Don't pull the trigger
Don't pull the trigger
It's life on your finger

You've got it don't throw it away
Don't throw it away

While the powers are twisting our fate
And the rest of the world just waits
Will the son shoot the father or stay
The hammer, the clamor

And it's not just for us that we ask
But the children that follow our path
Cause we're already falling too fast
We make it or break it

Hey listen now!
Do you know what they doing
I don't know
Anything worth losing
Has to go

I don't wanna just be screaming
Going down
I don't wanna end up living

13. Tell Me Why

Who's to say which one of us is right
Everything ain't always black and white
Now trying to change it ain't easy
Nobody wants to believe me
I guess that I'm just that kind that won't give up

Every day is like an uphill climb
We've got to learn to change
And leave the past behind
But trying to change it ain't easy
Nobody wants to believe me
No matter what I do it never seems to be enough
But I won't give up no I won't give up

Tell me why why why oh whyaiaia
We can't find the time to tryaiaia
Tell me why why why oh whyaiaia
I can't win this fight without you

I know sometimes it seems to so hard
But just reach out and well be where you are
Oh you can make it so easy
If you'd only believe me
And try together cause we'll be there for you
And we won't give up no we won't give up

Raise your hand together
Take a stand together
Let's all try to win this fight